Our expertise in navigating complexity gives us critical insight in developing a solution-based approach unique to every project.

Land Acquisition

Success begins with a smart acquisition. Buying off-market properties, negotiating beneficial terms, managing thorough due diligence, and leveraging relationships with landowners and agencies—these are the most critical components of a financially successful project.

Project Visioning + Planning

Our strategic and holistic approach to visioning and planning determines a project’s optimal vibe, helping to create the plans and product that best enhance value and market acceptance.

Asset Repositioning

Repositioning is breathing new life into historic assets to make them economically relevant today. Repositioning is rethinking large master plans in a more thoughtful and creative way and determining the value of an asset in alternative ways. For example, while others evaluated the value of the Napa Valley Wine Train as an ongoing hospitality operation, we focused on the incremental and significant value of excess real estate parcels acquired as part of the stock purchase.


In California, gaining timely entitlements with balanced conditions of approvals that are legally defensible in today’s era of NIMBYism is central to a successful project. Multiple layers of stakeholders must be worked with constructively, and we have the proven expertise to make it happen.

Environmental Remediation

Some of today’s best opportunities require some form of environmental remediation. Our extensive knowledge of toxic substance regulations and experience with myriad oversight agencies and requirements is key to unlocking value in land.

Land Development and Homebuilding

Efficient and effective land development requires the level of expertise we possess in value engineering, bidding, contracting, risk management and supervision. This is particularly true if development is handled in conjunction with environmental remediation. Strategic homebuilding can help seed and set the tone for developments. We’ve built thousands of homes throughout California ranging from high-end custom residences to podium, mid-rise multi-family projects.

Hospitality, Retail and Entertainment

Placemaking is never more important than in entertainment venues especially those that contain mixed uses such as retail and hospitality. Brooks Street is proven at creating great places that pass the test of time by celebrating local custom, culture and history in the design and vibe of the venues. From creating ground up hotels/entertainment venues in the Napa Valley to planned historical reuse venues in Glendale, our approach is to find and nurture the local “makers” and something more.

Sales + Marketing

Developed in combination with and to support a project’s vision, our comprehensive marketing strategies include all the necessary elements to reach target absorption and financial objectives. We are a California licensed real estate broker and manage the sales at most of our projects.


We’ve provided extensive real estate consulting services to land owners, lending institutions, public utilities and government agencies for nearly a decade. Areas of advice and implementation include highest and best use, financial modeling, project vision, concurrent land development and remediation, entitlements, negotiations, purchase programs, sales and marketing and construction.

Financial Management

Thorough and timely project and financial reporting to capital partners and lenders is key to successful ventures in all market conditions.