Coastal Nursery
Watsonville, CA

Growing with authenticity.

A niche grower with big ambitions.

Established in 1946, Coastal Nursery was a third-generation wholesale grower comprised of five farms in one of Monterey Bay’s unique microclimates. Specializing in rosemary and rare varieties of cypress and heather, it had earned a reputation for delivering ingenious products that consumers just couldn’t get enough of. With major grocers and home centers across America as clients, Coastal Nursery required capital and marketing acumen to realize its next major phase of growth.

Capitalizing on demand.

Offering unique products with consistently high sell-through rates, Coastal Nursery has seldom wanted for business. Customers such as Trader Joe’s have been known to buy up production before it’s even been grown. Supply, however, has been a different story. The first thing Brooks Street did upon acquiring the nursery in 2017 was to make infrastructure investments that could increase the farms’ capacities. In only its second year of operating under the Brooks Street banner, Coastal Nursery grew revenue by 50% with unheard of margins in the industry.

Exporting the romance of California’s Central Coast.

Next up for Coastal Nursery is a complete rebrand. The modern, evocative brand will include a new visual identity, website and story that capture the romance of California’s Central Coast. Experts in placemaking, our intent is to produce plants that have such a strong sense of place that our customers will be able to practically smell the salty Monterey Bay mist with every plant or pot they buy.