Napa, CA

Creating a craft beverage emporium in downtown Napa.

Restoring a Napa original.

Built more than 100 years ago, the building at 807 Soscol in Napa has a rich history. Originally home to a brewery on the banks of the Napa River, it was most recently a newspaper printing and distribution business. In disrepair and out of step with downtown’s thriving hospitality and food and beverage scene, 807 Soscol needed to be restored and reimagined to attract a new legion of pleasure-seekers to its hallowed drinking halls.

Brewing up a strategy.

With our acquisition of 807 Soscol in 2018, we got to work on a development strategy that would retain the building’s spirit while evolving it for a new generation. We started by securing Napa Palisades Beer Company as our anchor tenant and worked with the brewery to design a hip indoor/outdoor environment with entertainment spaces along the scenic river. To differentiate the project from others in the adjacent Oxbow District, we retained a local distillery and converted a historic bank vault into a cult wine tasting room−the perfect place to create a pitch-black deprivation tasting experience. To serve a growing number of local creatives, we weaved office space throughout to ensure that 807 Soscol is buzzing with activity 24/7.

A new craft beverage destination.

Built adjacent the old Napa Valley Railroad to facilitate deliveries to the original brewery, 807 Soscol’s rail spur is one of its most distinctive features. To bring the development full circle, we are repurposing the rail spur and building a new platform to serve as a departure point for beer, wine and spirits itineraries through the Napa Valley Wine Train. In doing so, we’re creating the Valley’s hottest destination for craft beverage tourism.